A Day In the Life of a PR Girl


(“Girl with a,” )

Being in public relations is unlike any other career; many people will not understand what you do, and your job description can change on a daily basis (Clark, 2013; Borchers, 2012). According to Pippa Clark, this is one of the most “fast-moving, exciting and challenging industries” out there (Clark, 2013, p. 1). Kellie Bramlet from PR Daily says working in PR is “not for the timid or dull” but for “the bold, the creative, the smart-phone addictive” (Bramlet, 2012, p. 2). An average day for a fashion PR girl can consist of anything from “news release[s], (…) fashion show seating, (…) celebrity dressing, [and] (…) social media” says Aliza Licht, senior vice president for global communications at Donna Karan International (Licht, 2012, p. 1). Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that there is no set task that every PR girl must complete, but that there are things every PR girl should be doing on a day-to-day basis.

(Lennox, 2013)

(Lennox, 2013)

▪   Read: Whether it be Twitter or a newspaper, or a combination or multiple news sources, it is crucial to stay up to speed on current events (Cochran, 2013; Licht,, 2012).

▪   Prioritize: “Disorganization and lack of deliberation produce stress and mistakes,” and Matt Cochran from PR Daily says prioritizing your time is key for getting everything checked off of your to-do list (Cochran, 2013, p. 1).

▪   Contribute: At any age and any position there is always a way that you can “ improve your agency”  (Cochran, 2013, p. 1).  Look for these ways and you efforts will not go unnoticed. Molly Borchers says that her “number one rule for career success (…) is asking smart questions” (Borchers, 2012, p. 1). Communicating with your boss and contributing ideas will help you stand out.


Hope this post was able to help you have a better understanding of what it means to be a PR girl. I know conducting this research gave me better insight into this highly prized world.

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