(“TRT PR Internship,” TRT PR Internship)

The first thing any potential PR girl needs to do is conduct research and figure what internships you are interested in applying for and what potential companies you may be wanting to work for (How to stand, 2011). According to Bridges (2012), it is incredibly important that you do your research because many girls are ill prepared and do not have any idea about the company she may be considering working for. Conducting research is not just “looking that the company website for 20-30 minutes,” (Bridges, 2012, p. 2). Bridges (2012) says doing that is comparable to skimming material for a test rather than actually studying. According to Lauren Berger, who owns her own PR firm in LA and also had 15 internships while in college, it is important to “look for things you have in common with the people who run the company” because your passion will be carried over in your interview (Adams, 2012, p. 1). I fully agree with what she is saying because I believe in order to successful at something, you must love what you do.

("Reveal: The Real," Reveal: The Real @DKNY PR Girl)

(“Reveal: The Real,” Reveal: The Real @DKNY PR Girl)

After you have a basic idea of where you want to intern, start work on cover letters and applications. When writing cover letters, make sure to convey all the information you have just learned about the company to your potential boss (Covering the cover, 2013). Turn in all your paperwork in in a timely manner. Something as easy as turning a cover letter in promptly can go a long way to impressing potential employers (Adams, 2012).  Employers are looking for people who are passionate, energetic, and eager to work for them (Bridges, 2012). Ask yourself, would you take this internship if you did not make any money? If the answer is yes, then you are applying to the right place (Bridges, 2012).

Now that you have an interview for an internship coming your way, there are a few important questions every college PR girl needs to ask.

("Fashion PR Jobs," Fashion PR Jobs)

(“Fashion PR Jobs,” Fashion PR Jobs)

▪   Do not go into an internship with ambiguity. According to Berger, one of the best questions to ask in an interview is what a typical day consists of for an intern (Adams, 2012).

▪   Ask if the position has evolved since it was created (Guerrero, 2013)? It is important to know what type of growth the position has experienced.

▪   And lastly, according to Dana Manciagli, it is important to ask “of all of the people who have worked for you, what are the characteristics of those who have stood out as great performers?” (Manciagli, 2013, p. 1).

Hope this helps all you college PR girls out there. I know I will be using some of these tips when I start applying for internships.

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