Social Media: More Then Just Facebook Stalking


(“File Facebook Like,” File Facebook Like Thumb)

As college students we all know the best way to procrastinate is to spend hours on social media. It’s everyone’s guilty pleasure; from Facebook stalking, to editing pictures so they can be uploaded to Instagram, to checking Twitter every two seconds to see if someone has sent in some news breaking tweet, we all do it. However, social media can be used as more then just a procrastination tool; it can become a crucial part to a career in public relations and a highly valuable instrument for success.


(“5 Great Social,” 5 Great Social Media Data Analytics Tools)

One of the key reasons social media can reach so many people because it is free and easy to use, allowing all ranges of people the ability to join. Social media allows company’s to “flood the market with their message at no cost” (William McCoy, n.d., p.1).  Granted a company may choose to hire a social media consultant to handle all the social media accounts, but actually creating accounts through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram requires nothing more then a username and password. In this day and age, these accounts are causing company’s to flourish because “the use of technology is identified as a leading public relations trend” (Hill & White, 2000, pg. 31).

("Twitter Blog," Twitter Blog)

(“Twitter Blog,” Twitter Blog)

Since there are so many different forms of social media, the connections that can be made are (almost) endless because so many different types of people and careers are now using social media. For instance, “journalists, reporters, bloggers and other influencers (…) are using social media to connect within the industry” (McKinley & Ross, 2013, pg. 1). The presence of journalist, reporters, and bloggers online allows PR professionals to spread their brand through various outlets and reach a wide range of audiences. In 2011, a study showed that “23.1 million [Americans] discover[ed] new brands or products through social media”(Graham, 2011, n.p.).


(“Social media management ,” Social media management )

The good news for all you college students is, your social media skills are going to be valued. So unless it’s the night before a huge test or paper, don’t fret about the time you spend on Facebook or Twitter because one day, this knowledge may be fueling your career. Since this is a post about social media, it only seems appropriate to end with a YouTube video.

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