Carly Adams: Dreamer Extriodianer

Carly Adams packed up her belongings and moved around the world as soon as she graduated college. Her friends see her as the go-getter who cannot be stopped; they see a fearless individual who is willing to take chances on life because it is her dream.
However, Adams was not always the dreamer she is today. She once thought coming to a four-year university was a far-fetched fairytale.
“As a kid, college was not something I grew up knowing I would attend,” Adams said. “I was raised by a single mother who did not attend college herself. We lived paycheck to paycheck, and were below the poverty line. The odds were not in my favor.”
In her sophomore year of high school that Adams realized she could break the stereotype. Teachers started spending more time with her outside the classroom to help Adams succeed, and their support gave Adams the push she needed.
Adams ended up moving from tenth overall in her class to graduating as valedictorian of her high school. Coming to college was no longer a dream for Adams, but reality.
“Freshman year of college there were so many times when I thought I wasn’t going to make it,” Adams said. “So many nights I broke down and cried. It was such an adjustment moving to Lawrence, and I didn’t know to handle it at first.”
Nevertheless, Adams says her four-year journey at KU was amazing. Coming to KU allowed Adams opportunities she never would have had otherwise. The summer after Adams’ sophomore year she was sitting on her phone looking at Twitter when she discovered a blog post by MTV Real World participant Mike Ross. Being the avid fan she is, Adams immediately read the blog post about an organization called Students Helping Honduras. Adams was immediately hooked and knew she wanted to find a way to get KU students involved.
“I remember her coming back to school that fall and trying to get KU on board,” said Ginny Brown, Adams’ friend and sorority sister. “She spent a lot of time communicating with both KU and Students Helping Honduras, but she did it.”
By the end of winter break her junior year Adams had completed her first trip to Honduras. Her desire to explore grew immensely.
“I went on her first trip to Honduras with her,” said JoEllen Belcher, Adams roommate and best friend. “The trip changed both of us, and it was when we came back that I knew this was something Carly wanted to do again.”
As graduation form KU approached, Adams had made two trips to Honduras and had decided to take a teaching job there. “It was a dream of mine to teach children of Honduras,” said Adams. “Honduras has my heart and always will have a small part of it. It was an easy decision to move here.”
Adams friends were not surprised when she announced she was moving to Honduras after graduation. “Honestly, I would have been more surprised to hear she was staying in Kansas than to hear she was moving in Honduras,” Belcher said. “For her, this was a no brainer.”
Adams is currently living in Gracias, Lempira, Honduras, and is working as a kindergarten teacher at a bilingual school. According to friends like Brown, she is simply living the dream.
“I absolutely love every second of this experience,” Adams said. “There was a point in my life where I didn’t think I would come to college, let alone live in another country. Yet I am. Life is one big journey, and it is all about the opportunities you take.”


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