For The Eyes

I have always been drawn to “pretty” things, whether it be a “pretty” bag of popcorn or a “pretty” detail on a shirt, things with artistic beauty catch my eye. This last week I have been unpacking the clothes I brought home from school and I came to the realization that almost everything I wear has some “pretty” detail to it. Things like typefaces and color schemes go a long way in my book, and it’s these little details that create the distinction between “pretty” and average. Therefore, I have decided to start an installment that is For The Eyes only, and it will include pictures of all the things I find “pretty”.



     While I am not a girl who goes out and buys flowers, I do love looking at them. The pop of pink, vintage vases, and texture of the wooden wall creates a scene for the eyes.


     Embroidery, beads, and color are all so very pretty to me. I love these details, and my eyes are constantly drawn to things that stray away from the average. These grown up versions of friendship bracelets are the perfect way to add fun, pretty details to ones everyday life.


     As I mentioned, things as common as popcorn can be pretty. The reason this popcorn is so pretty is because it uses a simple sans serif  typeface that has different leading for each line. This creates a smooth, clean look that instantly draws the eye in. The contrasting, bright colors also catch ones eye. Even the Angie’s logo is pretty. The combination of a serif typeface and a script typeface create the perfect logo.

      In order for something to be considered “pretty” it does not have be untouchable. As one of my favorite designers Marc Jacobs says, “I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect–they are much more interesting.”

Until next time,



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