{getting to know} Brady Nations

So I’ve decided to add a new component to my blog, which is to interview other bloggers and do spotlights on what their blog is about and who they are.

GOPR0052With this being my first interview I’ve conducted, I figured the best place to start is with someone I know. I went to high school with this stud of a blogger and I really like the concept of his blog. Brady is a junior at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. He enjoys almost any outdoor activity especially surfing, hiking, and slacklining. A few months ago he and his sister started a blog by the name of Roam California. They one day hope to bring our ideas of Roam California into a brand of clothing for all activities.

 What is your blog about?

Roam California is a blog started by my sister and I about our adventures we take in our everyday lives. We have always enjoyed taking our lives to the outdoors and putting ourselves in situations filled with excitement and adrenaline. We enjoy surfing, hiking, cliff jumping, repelling, rock climbing, wakeboarding, and the list continues with almost anything to do outside. We wanted to share these adventures with others. The outdoors and our adventures are a big part of the blog but it ranges to anything that makes us happy. I asked my sister what I should post once and she said, “Whatever you want.” So I wrote a restaurant review. It’s just a place where we can express what we love to do. Just be happy and be ourselves. That’s what we do and share the things that make us happy with others to inspire them to be happy. Just to get out and ROAM. Especially in California, there are so many varieties of things to do in a day so there’s no point in letting it slip away by sitting around not taking advantage of the beautiful, fun things there is to do out in the world. Take a day off, or schedule time into a busy day to find one thing that makes you happy. What we want to do with the stories of our adventures is inspire others to get out and take over their lives and do whatever makes them happy.

What inspired you to create a blog?

At first, Roam California started as a project with a camera to start making videos of the things we liked to do with friends. Videos would range from wakeboarding, to skimboarding, cliff jumping, exploring, flying, and overall messing around and having a good time with our friends. This phase was a good way to express ourselves with things that we love to do. We continue to make our videos but have gotten more into printing our stories and sharing them with the blog. It has been really nice to have everything that we do in one central location. I don’t necessarily like the social media sites especially facebook and twitter, because it seems like there is so much judgment and pressure to post cool things that people will like. With the blog you can post whatever you want. People can read it and hate it or they can read one post and end up reading all of them in one sitting. You never really know but because you don’t, you can post whatever you feel like and really express who you are.


 What is your brand about? What separates your clothes apart from other brands?

The Roam California brand sprung up from just simple inspiration of simplicity and the outdoors. It started because I wanted to do something with my life and this was a way that I could express who I am. By designing and printing the shirts ourselves adds a bit of touch to it. To know who makes the clothes you wear and the designs you see has always been a cool thing to me. Right now we have three designs out that are very simple but have a style that you can wear anywhere. The shirts that I have printed for myself are worn all over on my hikes, to class, to the beach. They can go wherever. It really is just a style that I like to wear. I wouldn’t design something that I wouldn’t wear. My style is simple, not too flashy, not too much traffic on the shirt. Just something that is comfortable and makes you confident to wear in any setting. Once the fall line is released we want to see others wear the shirts they get on adventures they take and share them with us. We want people to post to us or send us emails about how they use their Roam wear. It’s just about being simple and not letting the clothes you wear speak for you but rather you speak for yourself by the actions you make. So once again, even though it’s clothes, it’s way for people to find themselves and enjoy doing what they do everyday.


Was it difficult to create all this and get it out there? Do you have any advice for other people who want to do the same thing as you?

With the support of my sister it was actually fairly simply to get things started. We both had a background with the vimeo channel and videos we use to post, so all we had to do was turn those videos into words on a page. We both enjoyed writing and sharing what we love to do so it was fairly simple. Getting people to view the things we posted was a bit more difficult. It takes time to see your work pay off but sticking with what you want to do, will make things pay off in the end. Support from all of our friends and family has also been a big thing that has helped us to grow and continue on our path to one day hopefully owning our own store. If I could give one piece of advice to someone who wants to do something of his or her own and accomplish a dream, is to keep going. Keep an eye on your goal and do whatever it takes to reach it. One of the designs we have is the “Feather & Arrow.” The feather and arrow are both representations of shooting straight for your goals but enjoying wherever the wind blows you along the way. No matter how far a goal seems out of reach, anyone can do what they set their mind to but you can’t forget to take the time and enjoy each and every day in life. Find what you love, be passionate about it, and make it happen.

What is the future of your blog and brand?

The future of our blog is really the start of our brand. We released a fall line of t-shirts early last September.We will continue to come up with new designs and hopefully have a full line of clothes ranging from t-shirts, to hats, and to sweatshirts and winter apparel. My dream is to one day open a store with all of the clothes in them and sell them to anyone who wants to get out and enjoy the world they live in. So my eye continually checks up on that goal and in some years down the road, things could happen. But along the way I’m doing all that I can to enjoy each and everyday.


Now that you read this post and are in love with this whole concept make sure to head to over to Roam California’s blog and read all about what they have been up to. There’s even this little promo video showing off some of their fall line!

Check them out on their blogvimeo, and store.

Thanks for reading my first installment of {getting to know}. I can’t wait to do another one, so stayed tuned!

Until next time,



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