From Barcelona With Love pt.2

This weekend has been perfect.  Friday after class a couple of us headed over to Camp Nou to tour the FC Barcelona stadium. So much history has been made by this one team; it was so exciting to tour the stadium. It honestly reminded me a bit of KU’s basketball team. Both teams have die hard fans, both teams have made history in one way or another, and both teams are very, very good.




Saturday was my favorite day of the weekend. A group of us took the train to the resort town of Sitges to go to the beach for the afternoon. Sitges lived up to its reputation. It really is true when they say the best beaches in Barcelona are outside the city. The sand was fine, the water was warm, and the views were breathtaking. I just could not get over architecture and attention to detail. Sitges was simply the best.

IMG_0870 IMG_0861 10489810_10203253764003341_1780175621634373758_n IMG_0882 10464172_10203253795364125_1046952348080029527_n IMG_0866

 After the beach, we came back to our picos (a term used in Barcelona to describe homes that are bigger than apartments) and got ready for a Flamenco festival. In class on Friday we learned all about Flamingo so it was really fun to go and watch a live performance. The music was great and the dancers were amazing.



It’s currently Sunday afternoon and today I am taking it easy. All the smoking and smog are not good for my weak little lungs. I have my first test of the summer on Tuesday, so until then I will spending my days studying and enjoying the company of mis amigas.

Until next time,




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