From Barcelona With Love pt.3

Today marks the two week anniversary of my love affair with Spain. I am truly, madly, deeply in love with Barcelona. I can’t believe two weeks has already flown by, and I know these next four weeks are going to be over in the blink of an eye, or should I say the flash of a camera since I’ve been taking so many pictures lately. I’ve been pretty busy between school and adventuring that it has really given me an appreciation for life. Not everyone gets the opportunity to study abroad and I am very grateful that I am able to experience life in Spain this summer. I’ve seen some pretty amazing sights, gone to some beautiful places, and meet some great people.


Friday 7/11


Is this building gorgeous or what???? The National Art Museum is a work of art itself. My love for European architecture has really come full circle since the bringing of the art history class I took last semester.


Don’t you just love it when a building is easy on the eyes? I know I do.


Friday night I went to the Magic Fountains with my class and they lived up to their name; they were magically.


Saturday 7/12



On Saturday my class took a bus over to Tossa de Mar. By far my favorite beach in the world. The water was so clear and so pretty. I still can’t get over the beauty and the picture above does not do it justice. I’m really hoping I have the opportunity to head back sometime soon.




This week will be a busy one for me because I have a lot of homework, a project, and yikes, even a midterm. But this weekend will be amazing because I am heading up the Pyrenees Mountains for a festival of fire. I am really excited to experience the festival like a local and stay up all night to see the sky light up. (I will most definitely do a recap of my weekend when I get back.)

I’m off to study now..wish me luck!

Until next time,



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