{getting to know} Annie Tucker

Meet Annie Tucker:


She’s a blogger,


with a great sense of adventure,


an appetite for all things delicious and healthy,


and she’s currently living it large in DC!

If you don’t already read take a bite, then you are missing out!! Annie Tucker is the girl behind the blog and she is absolutely adorable. She graciously agreed to an interview about all things blogging, college, and future careers, so let’s jump in!

Why did you start blogging? Was there anyone that inspired you to start a blog?

I started my blog last April but I have been reading blogs since about my freshman or sophomore year of high school. My older sister Kathleen introduced me to my first blog Sea of Shoes by the fabulous Jane Aldridge. I was so intrigued with her incredible shoes and the way she put outfits together. From there, I started finding more blogs to read like my go-to, cupcakes and cashmere. My sister started her own blog when she was in college. It was called A Peony for Your Thoughts. She posted recipes, fashion, lifestyle tips etc. I have always had a creative mind and love to spend hours finding new things on the internet. It got to where I would always text her with posts ideas and blog tips (which she probably hated having her littler sister give her pointers). I’m a huge baker and love fashion and crafty things so I would always have people tell me to start a blog, but I was nervous of the time commitment, After guest posting a few times for my sister and bugging her with all of my posts ideas, I got the reassurance from her to start my own blog, so then Take A Bite was born!

What is your blog about?

My blog would fall under the lifestyle category of blogs but I really hate being thrown into the stereotype of lifestyle bloggers. I post recipes and a ton of pictures of food. I throw in some occasional fashion pieces or DIYs. Every monday I do a ‘Bites of My Life’ post where I recap my previous week through pictures from my camera roll. The idea of my blog was to share bites of my life and things I currently love!

What does your typical blogging schedule look like? How do you manage your time between school, life, and blogging?

For how organized I am my blogging schedule is all over the place. It’s been hard this summer because I’ve been so preoccupied living and working in a new city but during the school year I aim for about 4 posts a week. I’ll pull images or get recipes together the night before, in-between classes, or let’s be honest, during class. I’ll put together my posts then finalize and edit it the next morning before I publish it! This summer I always try to get my monday morning bites post in than hopefully two other posts during the week . Now if I’m doing a recipe posts it’s usually the recipe and meal that comes first and then I think hmm this would make a great blog post! I take pictures of almost every food item that goes into my mouth so I always have pictures to use!

Has blogging had an effect on your future career plans? 

It has definitely helped! I’ve met and connected with a few people who all have great advice for the years ahead. I have also discovered tons of brands and companies through the blogging world that I’ve kept a list of as future places to apply for. In my advertising classes it has also been expressed that a blog can help set you apart because it’s such a dynamic tool that really helps someone get to know more about you. That’s not the reason why I started my blog but it has really helped when applying for jobs and internships.

What do you plan on doing once you graduate? 

I’m 100% in love with D.C. after living here, so my hopes are that after graduation in May I will be able to move back and find a job! I want to work for something creative in marketing/advertising with an emphasis on social media if I can. If that fails my middle sister and I plan to ditch corporate jobs and open a specially food store. If that doesn’t happen soon it’s in the plans for later in life as well.

Are there any experiences that you have gained from blogging that you do not think you would have otherwise? 

Definitely! I got to do a promotion post for Warby Parker, and have guest posted a few times. Also things like this getting to share my point of view and give advice on blogging. More than experiences, I’d say blogging has given me the drive to get out there and try new things and to step out of my comfort zone. Lastly, it’s improved my writing and grammar haha! My grammar police parents might disagree but it really has helped me with how I formulate and post and that has translated to school etc.

Has blogging helped you with the internship process?

Yes. I blog everyday at my internship so having the base skills to know how to formulate a post and produce imagery in photoshop helps with that. We are also working on reaching out to other bloggers to collaborate with them so knowing other bloggers who might be good partners is great. I also feel like I sort of know how to approach them in the right way to target them and help us want to promote our product. I run the social media accounts at my job, so I’m constantly checking social media platforms looking for articles, posts, pictures or tweets about our product. Blogging has given me an eye and the knowledge to know where to look for those kinds of posts.

Do you have any advice you would like to share to other bloggers out there? 

Don’t be embarrassed. I’ll be honest, I still get really embarrassed of my blog. I’m so proud of it, but i still get shy when I talk about it or sometimes feel a sense of judgement from it. Although, I am putting myself out there and posting about things I love, I have to remind myself to stay confident.

Also, everyone says, be authentic but its true! Don’t fall into what I call the “bloggertype” where you feel like you have to post #ootd instas or a picture of your morning iced coffee if that’s not you. If you believe in that than do it but don’t feel pressured to fit into the cookie cutter blogger mold.

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Annie, thank you so much for letting me interview you and I hope you continue to have a great summer in DC!

Until next time,



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