With Love from Madrid

The last weekend trip my class took was to Madrid, and I loved it! While Barcelona still holds my heart, Madrid is a close second. It took a little while for the city to grow on me, but after a few hours of exploring I was soon in love. Some highlights from my trip included going to not one, but two art museums, rowing boats in the park, walking through El Rastro on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and taking a dip on the rooftop pool of my hotel. Overall, it was a wonderful excursion and I loved being able to see another major city in Spain.


IMG_0094Retiro Park was breathtaking. Barcelona does not have a lot of parks so it was really nice to see an abundance of trees and flowers in the middle of a big city. I loved seeing the trees pictured above; they made me feel like I was in some dream world where trees are made up of fluffily cotton candy. These are by far the most unique trees I have ever seen.

IMG_0097Amigas+ Retiro Park = A perfect afternoon.

IMG_0121My friend and I decided to row a boat on the little pond in the park and it was so much fun!


Saturday night some of us walked over to Temple Debod to watch the sunset. We met some fellow Californians and watched one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. At this moment, I knew Madrid will always hold a place in my heart.


Temple Debod.

IMG_0199I thought the colors of the garments drying were too pretty not to capture.

IMG_0200Madrid is gorgeous. #ISwoonOverArchitecture

IMG_0718After a long day of walking around museums, the only way to unwind is to lay out by the pool.

IMG_0719Madrid, you treated me well. One day I will visit you again, and I simply can’t wait!


Until next time,



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