{getting to know} Molly McConn

Meet Molly


A 20 something college gal,


with a love of blogging, social media, and photography.


Why did you start blogging? Was there anyone that inspired you to start a blog?

Yes, there was! My sister moved to Austria with her husband, so she started an expat blog to document their experience for those of us back home to follow. She got into the blogging world and knowing my penchant for photography and love for writing, recommended I start one just for fun. I did, and Bridget’s Own Diary has grown ever since! It’s over five years old now, which is hard to believe.

 What is your blog about?

 There isn’t really one topic I focus on. If I had to put it into a category, I’d call it a personal lifestyle blog, I suppose. But, I incorporate little musings, reflections and just anything I find worthy of sharing. Often it’s a beautiful photograph, a delicious meal, or a fashion trend I’m excited about. Sometimes, it’s simply to log events in my life so that I have an online scrapbook to look back on.

What does your typical blogging schedule look like? How do you manage your time between school, life, and blogging? 

 I blog when I can. That’s my schedule..ha! I use to push myself to blog every other day, but my mantra is all about living life outside of the virtual world and just using a virtual world to enhance and reflect on your real one. My posts are always inspired by the fun things I’m doing when I’m not blogging so I prioritize that first. If I ever decided to take a more professional route, of course I’d establish a more regimented schedule, but for now I keep it fun and just do it when I have the time or a therapeutic exercise.

 Has blogging had an effect on your future career plans? 

 Absolutely. My blog serves as an online portfolio for people to see my writing style and interests. The alliance of blogs and social media today has, in fact, inspired my senior thesis topic and future job opportunities. It’s helped me figure out what I love, which in turn has helped me figure out what I want to do with my life.

 What do you plan on doing once you graduate? 

 That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?! To be determined. I would love to work in social media, and Austin (where I go to school), has a lot of opportunity for that field as do most cities and companies as this element of business becomes increasingly relevant. Like I said, I’ll be doing research on social media–the visual component–all this year. I’m also interested in human resources and recruiting.

 Are there any experiences that you have gained from blogging that you do not think you would have otherwise? 

 Sure–photo editing, time management really, writing concisely. I wish I had more of the design/coding skills. That’s my next endeavor.

 What is the best thing about studying abroad? 

 Exploring! On vacation, you have this pressure to pack things into your limited time there. But, when you’re living somewhere, you have the freedom to wander and stumble upon things, which is especially fun in big cities where there are endless things to see, people to watch, foods to try, stores to peruse through, etc. Every encounter–from meeting a local to seeing how a cafe has designed its menu–is a learning experience that I treasure.

 How has studying abroad shaped you college experience? 

 It allowed me to see a bigger picture that sometimes gets blurred in my bubble at school. My hope is that I can take this insight into this last school year and really focus on the things and the people I find most important. It also taught me that you can learn a whole lot outside of a classroom.

Do you have any advice you would like to share to other bloggers out there? 

 Like I hinted at in one of the other questions, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and/or your blog! Do it because you love it and leave it at that. Once it becomes burdensome, take time off. If you can’t stop putting up posts, don’t. Don’t let your blog run your life; let your life run your blog!


Thanks for the interview Molly! Make sure to stop by her blog and read the latest and greatest.

Until next time,



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