Monday Musings

currently inspired by:

my life.


Happy New Year everyone! This past year has brought more adventure than I could have imagined and for that I am thankful. While I am sad to see 2014 leave, I am excited to see what 2015 has in store for me. This past week I went took a trip down the golden coast. California is beautiful and I am so appreciative to have grown up in such a prosperous state. This trip brought me some inspiration and I am ready to create.

Highlights include:

  • playing dress up with the cutest babes around.
  • walks along the beach.
  • exploring the hippest spots in Santa Monica and Brentwood.
  • looking at paintings.
  • eating delicious (vegetarian) food.
  • catching up with family.
  • trying shaved cream for the first time.
  • going to the Venice Canals at sunset.

Inspiration is everywhere, and I am so grateful I live a life that allows me to be inspired. I plan on spending the remainder of my break painting, sketching, reading, and looking for summer internships.

Until next time,



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