Tonight I’m taking a hashtag from Instagram and bringing it over to the blog front. Hashtag #tbt to be exact. Earlier this week I found a note that I had written on my phone over the summer when I was studying abroad in Barcelona. I found my thoughts about the city too special not to share, so I wanted to throwback this post to my time spent in Spain.

“I think big cities are the most intimate. They foster a relationship that small town life, or Siberia, just can’t.” written 7.13.2014

IMG_1028     While I have no clue why I mentioned Siberia in this short excerpt I typed into my phone one morning, I do still agree that big cities are incredibly intimate. With so many neighborhoods, people, and ideas in one place, it is up to you to foster a relationship with the city you are living it. During my time in Barcelona, I did just that. I built a beautiful relationship with this city through exploration and experiences. I wandered a lot, with no particular destination in mind, and it was these walks and metro rides around the city that made my heart fall in love. I’ve discovered that with city life it is the places you stumble upon by accident that end up becoming your favorite.  Since there is so much going on in any given city, it is up to you to find that little neighborhood or street that becomes your little niche, your little oasis.


     An entirely new relationship is grown with a city at night and early in the morning because just like people, cities go to sleep too. I remember one morning I woke up early and decided to go for a run before class. In the US, going for a run around seven in the morning does not seem that early, but in Barcelona the streets were dead. I felt like I had the whole city to myself and it was a beautiful sight seeing the streets and park still asleep from the night before. Early in the morning I saw a side of the city that I had never seen before and it made my love for Barcelona grow even more.

     After writing this post and reflecting on Barcelona I am longing to go back. My time as a city girl was too short, but I hope one day I have the ability to experience city living again, and build another intimate relationship between a city and myself.

Until next time,



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