Monday Musings

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I was recently asked what my favorite ad campaign is, and I responded with Dove. I’ve always applauded Dove because unlike its competitors, Dove focuses on real, natural beauty. I’m inspired by this commercial in particular because just like those little girls in the commercial, I too, used to hate my curly hair. Growing up, my mom would never let me straighten my hair, and it wasn’t until I was in middle school that I owned my first straightener. However, my straight hair stint was short lived, and I realized that one, it takes too long to straighten, and two, curly hair is pretty. I haven’t always loved my curls, but now I live by the motto “Embrace Messy Hair”. (Fun fact: this saying used to be my screensaver on my laptop) My hair doesn’t always curl perfectly, and sometimes it is a ball of frizz, but curly hair does not get the recognition it deserves. So once again, I applaud Dove for shining light on curly hair and telling little girls every where that it is important to embrace your natural curls.

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