Supernova Girl

Zeetus Lepeetus this Friday night is about to be out of this world. For those of you that caught on to my Zenon reference, props to you, you truly were a child of the 90s. For the rest of you, it’s my dorky way of showing my excitement. Tonight night my sorority is having an Out of this World themed social and I am beyond excited. This is a theme I have been dying to dress up for since my high school student government days, and when I was appointed social chair, I knew that this was one theme I could not pass up on. So tonight I will be dressing up like a galaxy and rocking a glow stick or two around my neck, and I simply cannot wait. The only thing standing in my way of my weekend are two assignments and one class. Here’s to the weekend everyone, may the memories keep coming and the good times keep rolling.


Until next time,



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