Monday Musings

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Kansas City


This past weekend was too perfect. With summer and spontaneity on my mind, it is no surprise that my Saturday could be summed up by those two words. The weather was perfect (mid 70s and sunny) and everything just fell into place. After volunteering and going to work, I randomly ran into two of my best friends while walking on campus and we decided to go hiking around Clinton Lake. After our hike we quickly changed and drove into KC for an afternoon of adventure. With no real destination in mind, we drove to the Crossroads district to see what was going on.


Along with finding this insane red wall that I was obsessed with, we also discovered The Cashew. We walked in at the perfect time and were able to catch the end of the KU vs. OU game. After recharging at The Cashew, we then drove over to Westport to grab dinner. Since the weather was so perfect, everyone and their mom was out and about, and to be totally honest, I loved it. Westport was poppin’ and so were all the restaurants. We stumbled upon The Foundry and had an amazing dinner filled with good vibes and lots of fries. Once again, spontaneity pays off. Sometimes, the best days are the ones you don’t plan.


And just like that, our Saturday was over, and back to Lawrence we were. The rest of the weekend was filled with a run by the river, Law and Order: SVU and porch sitting. To put it simply, this past weekend was good to me.

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