Monday Musings

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bead, beads and more beads!


collage 2

This summer I am interning and working in Lawrence and have some extra time on my hands. So I decided to start a little side business via Instagram selling the funkiest and chunkiest bracelets in town. I have always loved making jewelry for myself and figured, what the h*ll, might as well see if others like them as much as I do! And it turns out, they do!!!!! Please follow @beads_andblooms (my little bead business name) on Instagram so you can keep updated on the latest products, and hey, maybe even order some yourself! Also, make sure to check out my friend Ginny’s cute blog, More Gin Please, for a full recap of Boulevardia and our mini Beads and Blooms photoshoot. (It’s also where I stole the cute picture above)

until next time,



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