Here and There

I have created the perfect recipe for living my life right now and it goes a little like this, one part pictures, two parts new experiences, three parts happiness. This is my last semester as an undergraduate at KU and it is crazy to think that in May I will be graduating #AlwaysAJayhawk. I want to get the most out of my college experience and I am excited to see what the semester has in store. So with my new recipe for life consuming most of my diet, let’s get to the one part pictures to see what makes me three parts happy.

In the wise words of Kate..




Proof that Vegas is more than extravagant shows and fancy hotels. This is what I call the simple things in life, a carousel created solely of fresh flowers. (Please note that I kid and I was blown away by the extravagant nature of the display)

Last week I spent time in both Vegas and San Francisco and as much as I love quick little trips here and there, there is nothing quite like the comfort of home (and your own bed). I love my little Lawrence life and I am so happy to be back in the town that has shaped me so much.

Until next time,




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