With Love, From Europe

Throwing it back old school to my “With Love, From Barcelona” posts from when I was studying abroad two summers ago, but this time, I am coming to you from the entire continent of Europe! After graduation I embarked on a month long family vacation and it was an adventure of a lifetime. I truly LOVE to travel!!!!! I am 100 percent in my element when I am exploring a new city or country and this trip was full of a lot of firsts. We went to London, Berlin and Paris, and I was fortunate enough to travel to Prague and meet up with one of my best friends who has been living in Germany for the last year. I had been to Paris before, but everywhere else was a new experience for me, and I loved each city for its own unique vibes and quirks.

First Stop: London


Next Stop: Berlin (unfortunately, a majority of the pictures I took there were on my sisters phone and I forgot to send them to myself)


I then ditched, I mean parted ways, with my family and headed over to Prague for a fun weekend with one of my best friends!!


Final destination: Paris


This truly was an amazing trip, despite all the rain (both literal and figurative), and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to go back to Europe once again! As cliche as it sounds, traveling is the best gift you can give yourself and/or others, and it is something you must do in order to evolve as a person. I think that in order to truly understand a culture, you have to visit it, eat your way through it and embrace it. Now get out there and go explore because there is so much worth seeing!!!

Until next time,




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